Understanding Chelates In Plants

Jul 13 2020 chelates enzymes gardening

Chelation is a process that protects the integrity of nutrients. This is true for human nutrition and plant nutrition. Chelates, the actors in the chelation process, help increase the mobility of nutrients and help prevent their unwanted loss due to processes such as leaching or nutrient precipitation. Chelates have been likened to both an orange peel and a lobster’s claw in their form and function. The word “chelate” derives from the Greek word chelé, which means lobster’s claw.The action of chelates can be likened to organic molecules encircling a metal nutrient like a claw embraces with its pincers. This marriage...

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Ten Things To Know About CBD In Cannabis

Jul 05 2020 cannabidiol cbd marijuana

Despite gaining a lot of traction in recent years, most people still know very little about CBD. Many are ignorant of the fact that it comes from hemp and that it can be very beneficial to their health. But that's not all you should know about it.Cannabidiol or CBD for short is one of the most famous cannabinoids or compounds that exist in the cannabis plants (and not just from hemp). This compound has been rising in popularity for being a magical remedy to a variety of ailments.As a result, an increasing number of big-name companies are contemplating throwing themselves...

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Tips For Natural Weed Control

Jun 28 2020 weeds

Some people say a weed is simply a plant in the wrong place, and while that's true, weeds are oftentimes a nuisance and the bane of any gardener, as they persistently compete with your prized plants for resources and never seem to completely die.They're hard to control due to their natural rapid growth and the numerous seeds they produce, making even the best gardener a little neurotic as they literally suck the energy from growing plants. The mere presence of weeds can result in reduced crop growth, quality and yield because they steal available moisture, nutrients, sunlight and space that...

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