Basic Hydroponics Growing Tips

Aug 25 2018 0 Comments gardening growing hydroponics tips

One of the most demanding things about being an ambitious hydroponics grower is that you always have to work hard to keep reaching that next level of hydroponics growing. You play with your nutrient solution, experiment with lights, and try other methods always to keep improving your yields. These components are the core backbone of your hydroponics operations, and all the smart growing instructions in the world will not help your garden grow bigger or better if you do not have all your ducks in a row. It’s not enough to just have your hydroponic gardening nutrients and supplements sitting along...

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How Potassium Silicate Creates Stronger, More Robust Crops

Aug 11 2018 0 Comments advanced nutrients potassium silicate rhino skin

Without sufficient silica levels, a plant’s body is weak. The stalk droops and the flowers are puny, while leaves are yellow, curling and prone to falling off their stems.

Silica also acts as your plants’ immune system. Just like a mammal’s white blood cells rush to an injury or infection site to fight off invading pathogens, accumulated silica in a plant’s body creates a barrier around its cells that makes it more difficult for pathogens to penetrate. And for pests that bite down on stem and leaf surfaces to suck crops dry, a protective
silica barrier makes it a lot more difficult to latch on.

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