The Meaning and Origin of 420

Apr 20 2019 0 Comments

Odd terms sneak into our language every now and then, and this is one of the oddest. Everyone who considers himself in the know about the drug subculture has heard that ‘420’ has something to do with illegal drug use, but when you press them, they never seem to know why, or even what the term supposedly signifies.It’s both more and less than people make it out to be. The term ‘420’ began its sub-rosa linguistic career in 1971 as a bit of slang casually used by a group of high school kids (known as “Waldos”) at San Rafael High...

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Plants - How Much Water Is Too Much

Apr 15 2019 0 Comments

Too much, not enough, too often or too seldom—these are concerns I hear from growers all the time regarding watering practices. The question most often heard, however, is simply, “How much?” A clearer understanding of the issues involved in watering your plants may help answer this for you. How Much Water Is Too Much Water? In regards to how much is too much—when your soil has good drainage, your only real concerns are wasting water and draining off essential nutrients; otherwise, it’s not really an issue.The optimal amount of water to apply is the amount you need to adequately saturate...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis Indoors

Apr 08 2019 0 Comments

Growing cannabis indoors is not difficult these days. There are lots of strains which are bred to give great results. And there are lots of options for grow methods and lights. If you have never grown weed inside before, you will be faced with a confusing number of options, but the key is focusing on a few simple recommendations which will allow you to make a successful first grow indoors. Where to Grow? One of the easiest ways to start is with one of the purpose-built indoor grow tents available from numerous vendors. These tents are strong and can be...

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