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Bokashi Compost System

Turning your food waste into nutrient-rich, organic soil is easy. In 6 simple steps, you’ll be composting at home in no time! 1. Add Spread some Bokashi Plus™ over the...

Save $100 Bokashi Plus Mix (1kg)

Bokashi Plus Mix (1kg)

Probiotic bio-intensive gardening innoculant - soil conditioner compost accelerator litter box deodorizer pet waste composting and more...probiotic pet food additive

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Bokashi PRO-GRO (1.5 Kg)

My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro is an organic, high quality soil amendment that was developed to help replenish your soil. Today’s synthetic approach to fertilizers has led to depleted nutrient and...

Commercial Grade Trellis Netting 4 ft x 8 ft - Grower's Edge

Grower's Edge® Commercial Grade Trellis Netting is a strong, versatile polypropylene mesh specially designed for more efficient and economical cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Due to its durability and...


Grower's Edge - Plant Stake Labels - Multi Colour (full box)

Use these colorful plant stake labels to mark the type of seeds that you plant. Each stake is 4 in x 5/8 in. Choose your favorite color. Each box has...

Grower's Edge - Soft Garden Plant Tie 5mm (16 ft)

Use Grower's Edge® Soft Garden Plant Tie with UV inhibitors to attach plant stems to stakes or support racks easily without damaging your plants. It is great for indoor or...

Save $100 Grower's Edge Crop Clip - Black (100/Bag)

Grower's Edge Crop Clip - Black (100/Bag)

Grower's Edge® Black Crop Clip® Hangers are plastic and work great to support your plants while they grow. Simply attach the clip around plant vine and then to a support...

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