Fish Plus - 500 ml Grotek

What is Fish Plus™ Fish Plus™ is an all-purpose liquid fish-based fertilizer blend. Produces great results on everything you grow. Directions for use SHAKE WELL before using. Avoid contact with...


Fish Plus Bloom - 500 ml Grotek

What is Fish Plus Bloom™ Fish Plus Bloom™ is a liquid blooming fertilizer that encourages profuse blooming in all flowering plants. Great for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor...


Heavy Bud Pro - 500 ml Grotek

What is Heavy Bud™ Pro High yield is something every grower works for. Making sure it has amazing flavour and aroma is what makes a great grower stand out. This...


LXR Gold - 500 ml Grotek

What is LXR Gold™ LXR Gold™ is a potassium supplement for quick results when your plants show a deficiency in potassium (brown scorching and curling of leaf tips, reduced plant...


Monster Bloom - 130 gr Grotek

What is Monster Bloom™ A worldwide industry standard, and a top selling bloom enhancer for a reason. Monster Bloom is packed full of essential nutrients that all plants crave as...

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