Seed Starting


EZ Clone (16) - Classic

North Americas No.1 selling plant cloning systemRoots in 5-10 DaysTrue Aeroponic technologyMaintenance free; plug and play system


EZ Clone Clear Rez 8oz - EZ Clone

EZ-Clone® Clear Rez is a pH balanced, noninvasive water treatment designed to keep all of the internal workings of your cloning system crystal clear and operating at peak performance. It...

EZ-Clone Low Pro 32 Site Cutting System, Black

EZ-CLONE is proud to announce the introduction of the brand new 16 and 32 Site Low Pro Systems. The overall height has been reduced, while increasing the structural integrity of...

Save $300 oxyCLONE 20 Site Cloning System

oxyCLONE 20 Site Cloning System

oxyCLONE 20 is a simple, compact, recirculating cloning system. It works with a variety of cuttings, allowing you to have a perpetual garden year-round. Now powered by Active Aqua's premium,...

$96.93 $99.93
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