Water Filtration


10" Dechlorination System - Active Aqua

Two stage 10" filter that will easily mount to the wall. Eliminates 99% of chlorine and 97% of the sediment from water Includes feed adaptor shut-off valve filter wrench and...


100 GPD RO Membrane (Add-on) - Active Aqua

A true thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane, made from TFC sheets - tested and proven to be the best material available for membrane applications. Rated for 100 or...

Hydrologic - Tall Boy De-Chlorinator

Removes up to 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment, rust, silt, etc. @ 2 GPM. Easily produces 120 gallons per hour of clear water filtered down to 5 microns....

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Save $10000

Hydrologic Big Boy High Flow De-Chlorinator

Removes 98%+ of all contaminants in your tap water. Leading the industry in efficiency the Stealth has a 2:1 waste to product water ratio. Optional 1:1 ratio flow restrictor saves...

$497.00 $597.00

Stealth RO 150 / 300 Membrane

Replacement membrane for the RO100/200GPD

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